High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound – neocollagenesis through last-minute non-invasive treatment

Clinical Microson HIFU, is a new generation in skin tightening for skin laxity, delivering unparalleled results in face, neck and jowl lifting with custom fat-contouring reduction for the body. It is the most optimised and affordable HIFU technology to hit the market.

The Clinical Microson HIFU is a non-invasive system that targets deep tissue support layers through utilisation of High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound. It does so by producing focal Thermal Coagulation Points (TCPs) at the Superficial Musculo-Aponeurotic System (SMAS), deep dermis and subcutaneous adipose tissue without causing any superficial damage and with virtually no downtime.

All areas of the face can be treated, including around the eyes, the mouth and lower jaw line, including the neck (excluding the vocal cord), and most areas of the body.

From neck lifting, chin lifting, jowl lifting and upper arm shaping, to lower face shaping and body shaping, the Microson HIFU treatment is applicable to a wide range of patient needs and concerns, and can essentially add another arm to your practice.

The Clinical Microson HIFU is distributed in Australia by ClnincalPRO, which has helped grow aesthetic practices and increase patient loyalty for more than 30 years.

The Clinical Microson HIFU advantage

Microson HIFU offers a triple depth mechanism for face lifting and a deep single depth for body, allowing an adaptable treatment plan based on skin and area assessment. Microson HIFU features 1.5mm for the upper dermis, 3.0mm lower dermis, 4.5mm SMAS and 13mm subcutaneous adipose tissue.

The Clinical Microson HIFU technology induces wrinkle improvement by creating superficial dermal neocollagensis in collagen-rich dermis layer at 1.5mm in depth. By delivering HIFU energy to the epidermis layer, you can achieve wrinkle reduction around the areas of the eyes and the mouth where the skin is thin, and you can also perform skin tightening treatments.

The Clinical Microson HIFU is able to promote collagen regeneration and facial lifting by producing TCPs in the deeper dermis at 3.0mm depth from skin surface. For non-surgical face lifting in the deep SMAS layers, the device enables a 4.5mm depth for lax neck folds and muscle tissue.

Efficient reduction of the fat layer is achieved by applying HIFU at a treatment depth of 13mm on thick layers of body fat, such as abdomen and arm areas.

Treatments using Clinical Microson HIFU 

Clinical Microson HIFU can become an invaluable addition to your practice and can be used as an effective stand-alone or combination procedure for:

  • Skin tightening for skin laxity for all ages
  • Lax neck, jowls, double chins, eyebrows and face lifting
  • Reducing wrinkles around the eyes or forehead
  • Size reduction and waist tightening after weight loss or post-baby stomachs
  • Lifting, tightening and rejuvenating sagging skin on arms, breasts or inner thighs.